Installation with lightbulb, water, bucket and sound.

Water is slowly dripping from a single lightbulb into the bucket. The sound of the drops is amplified.
The first version of this work was installed in 2009 as the part of Notion on Limitation, group exhibition in Stichting Centrum in The Hague. 
This is the basic form from which several installation emerged, Clepsichor, Clepsichor II and Electricle. 
Clepsicore also trigered the live perfrormance Nocturno for Clepsichord and Cycloharph I created together with Incredible Bob  Magacin specialy for my solo exhibition in belgrade's gallery Magacin on September 16th 2012.

Clepsicore was exhibited at the group exhibition Black Noise
curated by Işın Önol and Ekmel Ertan

9 September to 23 December 2017
Akbank Sanat, Istanbul